Dear Sir,

" BioScience "company of
@Japan would like to inform you "The Invention Of This Century" in the field of audio-sound world.  It is the headphone which gives the sound beyond the so called surround system of today.  It gives the ultimate pure natural surround sound which has never been achieved until this headphone is invented.

For many years the inventions of the sound system has been focused mainly on the hardware aspect to improve the sound effect.  However, the inventor of this astonishing headphone approached it a through the physiological aspect of the human ear and its functions in relation to the sound.  This new and unique approach has led to this amazing headphone and canal headphone earpiecehEP7h.

Just only use of earpiece"EP7" insted of conventional earpiece,you can perceive sound field spread in front of your head.

It was patented in Japan and is in the process of being patented in the other major countries.

Knowing that the market for this product is enormous, BioScience company is looking for a good partner with good marketing channels.

It would be a great honor and a pleasure if our company could work together with such a prominent company like yours.

We are sincerely looking forward to your reply.

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@Isamu Koizumi
BioScience CO,LTD